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Thank you for visiting We have decided to open our new chocolate business due to the big demand in chocolate fountain hire in the northwest or England.

Chocolate fountains are now the IN thing for any special event, birthday party wedding etc. Having a fountain will defiantly impress your guests and give them a night to remember and they will be talking about it for months after your special occasion.

Great Ideas for Chocolate Fountains.
Using a chocolate fountain is both easy and fun; just follow the simple instructions in the box for the correct quantities of chocolate and the fountain will do everything else for you. It will keep your choice of chocolate at the perfect temperature for coating all your favourite foods in warm, gooey, chocolatey-ness!
Although milk chocolate is still the most popular chocolate for use in chocolate fountains, remember that there are other choices available. If you have a very sweet tooth then white chocolate is the perfect solution. For those more sophisticated chocolate-lovers, or those with dairy allergies, than dark chocolate offers a bitter-sweet alternative. It is also possible to get coloured-chocolate in a host of fun flavours like strawberry, caramel and hazelnut. With so much variety there is a suitable solution for every type of person or party!
Once you have your fountain full with lovely, liquid chocolate then you need to offer your guests delightful things to dip in to it. In our experience the best thing to do is to create a platter full of different bite-sized servings that your guests can pop on the end of a skewer and drench in molten cocoa magic! You can pretty much put anything into chocolate, but our favourites include; fudge, mini donuts, marshmallows, sponge squares, fresh fruit, honeycomb and shortbread biscuits! Simply lay your selection out on a large serving plate and make sure you have enough skewers for everyone to visit the chocolate fountain a few times across the event.
We’re always looking for new and fun ideas for using our chocolate fountains so if you have any more suggestions, or have any photos of our chocolate fountains in use, drop us a line at

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