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Chocolate Fountains for Children's Parties and Birthdays.


Children’s parties, whether it is for a birthday, team celebration or end of year send-off, are a great way to bring kids of all ages together and an even better excuse for them to have some fun! Music, dancing, games and party food are all the essential ingredients for an afternoon of good old-fashioned merrymaking.

A great addition to any children’s party is a Chocolate fountains; they are a great way to get kids excited about eating fresh fruit and are an extremely affordable way to add the ‘wow factor’ to your junior event. Placed in the centre of your buffet table, or stand-alone at the party, chocolate fountains are the stuff kids dreams are made of. Children of all ages will have fun selecting different food combinations to coat in the melted, chocolaty goodness – you just need to make sure you have enough dipping treats and napkins to go around!

Milk chocolate is still the most popular choice for use in chocolate fountains; but your chocolate options don’t stop there. For very sweet teeth or younger palettes then white chocolate makes the ideal choice, or for children with dairy allergies dark chocolate offers a fantastic alternative. The food you lay-on as dipping options can be chosen to match the theme of your party, or to make sure there is something to suit every taste bud you can lay on a platter of different treats. We are always looking for new and exciting foods to use with our fountains, but we think the healthiest option for children’s parties is still fresh fruit; banana’s, apple’s, strawberries, grapes, melon, satsuma’s and pineapple’s all taste amazing when cut into bite-sized chunks and dipped in gooey chocolate!

The wonderful thing about chocolates fountains is that once they have been set up they will run themselves for the day, although for a children’s party we would always recommend you have an adult on-hand to supervise use of the machine. Apart from that, all you need to make sure is that you have supplied the kids with plenty of dipping foods (ideally pre-supplied on long skewers) and serviettes. However, for the ultimate in chocolate fountain luxury then contact us about hiring a member of our specialist team who will serve the children for you; potentially a great decision if you know your hands will be tied organising pass-the-parcel and Simon Says.

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